Intelligent Control Systems

Water treatment requires a thorough understanding of sanitisation and filtration. Dynamic Pools utilizes computerised programmed systems to give the client the best performing products available that comply with Department of Health requirements. All systems are developed to provide clients with pool water quality information and enable balance adjustments at their fingertips.

Filtration Systems

The correct water treatment for your pool is crucial to ensure that bacteria and harmful pathogens do not endanger the health of those who use the pool. For commercial pools, it must also meet any government regulatory standards so that the pool is always compliant with the Health Act and the Aquatic Facilities Code 2020.

There are many different water filtration systems available on the market and chlorine is the most universally used chemical to sanitise pools. While it is the chlorine gas which reacts with the contaminants, the method of chlorine dispensing varies, and the actual chemical compound containing the chlorine also varies.

Dynamic Pools have built and installed sophisticated pump and filtration rooms with the latest technology equipment around Australia. We use trusted equipment providers with reliable systems, and integrate the water treatment into the overall pool design.

We can install a range of filtration units, using sand, diatomaceous earth or cartridge filters, and even link them with smart technology to your laptop or mobile phone. And of course, no commercial pool is complete without an automated pool cleaner and water testing equipment!

Case Study

Our ability to provide the right water treatment system has enabled us to provide clients like the Town of Port Hedland with new filtration equipment including pumps, Ultra Violet (UV) treatment, sand media, blowers, piping, Variable Speed Drives (VSD) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

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