Pool Construction Process

There are many cheap residential pool builders and it is no surprise that you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a residential pool builder with commercial experience and proven construction techniques, then Dynamic Pools is the builder for you!

Residential Pool Construction

Dynamic Pools has a reputation for high quality workmanship and being able to construct pools in difficult situations. We have very high construction values and believe in doing every task right the first time. Our zero tolerance for cutting corners means that our quality guarantee is meaningful and the finished pool is of the highest quality.

We have experience in constructing concrete pools and modular steel pools in a variety of finishes, including tiles, vinyl and plaster. The different construction techniques are required to suit differing circumstances at each building site. Our experience in building high-end residential pools ensures that the pool is fit for purpose and uses the right quantity of materials to reduce wastage.

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Our Director and Owner

John Meli Director of Dynamic Pools

John Meli

Licensed Concrete Pool Builder NSW
Qualified Supervisor Licence NSW

With a zero tolerance for cutting corners, borne from his experience in the aviation industry, John ensures that all projects are completed to a high standard and receive a guarantee of workmanship.

More About Our Team

Why Choose Dynamic Pools

Dynamic Pools is a reputable pool construction company with a team of experienced pool builders that have a total combined pool building experience of more than 160 years between them.

  • Experienced team
  • Project consultancy
  • Fixed quotes
  • New technologies
  • Smart Pools
  • Eco-friendly
  • Leading commercial pool builder
  • Servicing remote areas
  • Dozens of accomplished projects
  • Experience with demanding installations
  • Service and maintenance