Why should I choose Dynamic Pools?

Dynamic Pools has a reputation for designing and building high quality pools. We have been building pools for more than 20 years and are licensed pool builders. Our commitment for quality workmanship is second to none. The owner of the business, John Meli, is a qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and adopts a zero tolerance to cutting corners on all projects. Most importantly, we ensure that your pool building experience is pleasurable and stress free from initial design to final handover.

What type of pools do Dynamic Pools construct?

Dynamic Pools provide custom commercial pools in various materials. While we mainly build concrete pools we also provide modular stainless steel pools which are lighter and better suited to high rise locations.

Do you sell cheap residential pools?

No. The only residential pools that we construct are high-end custom pools. We have built many residential pools that require significant design features and are challenging with regards to site difficulty.

Do you work with Architects, Builders, Engineers and Consultants?

We enjoy working with professionals to deliver the best outcome to our clients. While we provide end-to-end pool solutions, larger projects will inevitably involve the expertise of various professionals. Our input and experience as commercial pool builders is invaluable in ensuring that the right design and plan is formulated without the need for revisions.

Can you assist with scoping for Tenders?

Absolutely! We have a thorough understanding of Local Government Procurement Policy, and the Tender Process. What we find is that many LGA’s do not understand what they can buy for their budget and have difficulty specifying the project in detail. As recognised Pool Consultants, we can advise you on the scope of the project before it goes to Tender, so that a positive outcome is achieved in the shortest time frame. And we can also assist with identifying grants and subsidies to raise funding.

Is Dynamic Aquatics part of Dynamic Pools?

Dynamic Aquatics is the commercial division of Dynamic Pools Australia Pty Ltd and operates from the same premises.

What is the best type of pool construction? (Concrete v Steel Wall)

That depends on the circumstances. In most cases, concrete pools are robust, versatile, economical and last a long time. Steel wall modular pools can also have a tiled or vinyl finish, but have the advantage of being lighter, and are more suited to high rise locations and some remote areas.

How do you minimise waste?

By planning ahead and being practical with solutions. As an accredited pool builder, we incorporate waste minimisation strategies into both the construction and sanitization stages of our projects, which not only saves money, but is also kind to the environment. By accurately detailing requirements for every project, we ensure that we do not over-order materials, recycle when possible and specify sanitation systems that are electricity efficient and waterwise.

Is salt water better than chlorine?

Chlorine is very effective in killing bacteria and sanitising your pool. Salt water pools require a Chlorinator to generate chlorine from the salt. Generally speaking, saltwater pools require less maintenance and have lower levels of chlorine.

How much does a commercial pool cost?

How long is a piece of string? Commercial pools vary considerably in cost depending on size, location, construction materials, sanitisation equipment and water features. The most important consideration is whether you are receiving the best value for money. A cheap cost will certainly be attractive, but it is far more important to have a pool which is trouble free and lasts a long time.

What happens if the pool I need is too expensive?

There many ways to revise the scope of the original plan to meet a specific budget. Any compromise from the original plan will impact on the overall result of the final project, but sometimes there are smarter alternatives. With our many years of experience building commercial pools, we can provide you will practical solutions that can save you money. We can also assist you with identifying grants and subsidies to raise funding. Furthermore, we can assist you with financing options so that your cashflow is better managed.

What guarantees do you provide?

Dynamic Pools provide guarantees as required by the Contract Agreement with every client. We abide by the relevant Commercial Code, Building Code and relevant Australian Standards.

Does my old pool need to be removed?

Not necessarily! If the pool is large enough, it may be possible to construct the new pool without removing the old one. This solution is very cost effective and significantly reduces waste.

Do you build in remote areas?

Yes. We have built and serviced many pools around Australia. We travel to remote areas on a regular basis and specialise in assisting LGA’s in remote areas to scope, build and maintain their public pools and recreation centres.

Do you service and maintain pools?

Yes. Our service and maintenance contracts are with commercial pool owners and are usually undertaken annually and or monthly. We are not a pool chlorine and leaf scooping service!

How long does it take to build a pool?

If all the planets align, we could build a small scale commercial pool in 6 months. Larger projects can take 12 months or more, depending on size and the need to work with other builders.

Are there any hidden costs?

Dynamic Pools provide a fixed quotation with no hidden costs. We will scope the entire project and deliver to you a fully functioning pool with all requested inclusions

Can I visit your showroom?

Most certainly! Our premises are located in Bibra Lake. We can discuss your pool requirements, show you examples of the construction technique and finishes, as well as show you some of the pools we have constructed around Australia.

Do you build water playparks and facilities?

Yes. Aquatic facilities are now including more water slides and water play features, and we can include this in your project too.

Are all commercial pool builders in WA accredited?

No. Unfortunately, Western Australia is the only state of Australia that does not require mandatory accreditation for pool builders. Dynamic Pools is accredited and holds a Pool Builders Licence from NSW.

Do you install smart pools?

Yes. A smart pool is a technologically superior pool that is connected to your laptop or mobile device. It can save you time and customise your maintenance to save resources. You can have remote access to your pump, chlorinator, lights and cleaning system at the touch of a button!

Should I have a heated pool?

If you live in colder areas of Australia, you will certainly gain more use of your pool with solar heating. Even if you live in more temperate areas, solar heating will lengthen your swimming season and ensure your swimming comfort, especially when combined with a pool blanket.

Do you provide solar panels?

Yes. We have supplier partners who can provide ‘green’ solutions for us with a customized solar panel solution that will significantly reduce your power costs and be kind to the planet.

Are your designs energy efficient?

Yes. We take into consideration many factors in the design phase, such as the orientation and aspect of the pool to the sun and prevailing winds. Our filtration and sanitisation equipment use energy efficient pumps and systems designed to save energy.

Are your pools eco-friendly?

We do our very best to be kind to the environment. Being eco-friendly means that you are concerned with water loss from evaporation or leaks, that you minimize the use of harmful chemicals, and that you are energy efficient with regards to the running of equipment. Our pool designs always take these factors into consideration and these strategies will translate into savings for you.

Are you ready for a consultation?

Talk to us about your project at any stage. Let us arrange a consultation for your project.

Are you ready for a consultation?

Talk to us about your project at any stage. Let us arrange a free consultation for your pool project.