Dynamic Pools has a reputation for high quality workmanship and being able to construct pools in difficult situations. We have very high construction values and believe in doing every task right the first time. Our zero tolerance for cutting corners means that our quality guarantee is meaningful and the finished pool is of the highest quality.

We have experience in constructing concrete pools and modular steel pools in a variety of finishes, including tiles, vinyl and plaster. The different construction techniques are required to suit differing circumstances at each building site. Our experience in building commercial pools ensures that the pool is fit for purpose and uses the right quantity of materials to reduce wastage.


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Our experienced construction team has all the right equipment to construct a pool from start to finish, and our quality assured processes provide the necessary documentation for ensuring there are no defects in the construction.

The key to efficient construction is in the project management skills required to ensure that all work is scheduled accurately, including the timing of deliveries, preparation work, labour and inspections.

All of our construction personnel have the required qualifications and permits to complete the work, and comply with all Australian Standards as well as the Building Code of Australia and the Aquatic Facilities Code 2020.

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This is the first stage of building. The pool needs to be exactly what you want in size, colour and shape. It should fit the area allocated for its purpose be it to accommodate children, adults non intrusive in the event of walkways, walls driveways and traffic. The pool needs to fit in with the style of the house and surroundings.
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The pool must comply with the local council design engineering and building codes and comply with legislative requirements. There are a number of Australian Standards that must also be adhered to so that owners do not have unsuitable or incorrectly built pools.
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All materials used in construction, including steel, concrete, pool interior, handrails, pipe, filtration and electricals, need to be of the highest quality and be warranted to legislative requirements. This includes product and builders warrantees.
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Pool Builder

The pool builder needs to be reputable. Dynamic Pools Australia has a proud reputation of high quality pool construction and is a NSW Licenced Pool Builder. We have a demonstrated trach record of successful projects and this translates into extensive experience. We are professional in all our business dealings and carry a full complement of insurances to protect ourselves as well as clients. Of course, we have the right range of equipment required to conduct and complete all works for any commercial pool project.

Are you ready for a consultation?

Talk to us about your project at any stage. Let us arrange a consultation for your project.

Are you ready for a consultation?

Talk to us about your project at any stage. Let us arrange a free consultation for your pool project.